WWE Comics #5

The WWE Comics series by Boom Studies shifts to a Dean Ambrose arc in their 5th outing. And if you've every shipped Ambrose and Sasha Banks this is a good issue to start with as the two unlikely road buddies get thrust together by mutual misfortune.

WWE Comics #5 - Plot Synopsis

Dean "The Lunatic Fringe" Ambrose has driven the same car since he was 15 years old. A classic american muscle car named "Shelly" was rescued by Dean from the scrap heap and has been his ride ever since. One fate fall night as the former Jon Moxley prepares to leave a WWE show, the ever faithful Shelly fails to start. 

As Dean re-enters the arena to borrow some tools he runs into former Shield running mate, Roman Reigns, who had just been on the business end of a Seth Rollins Pedigree. As the discuss how to deal with their treacherous partner Ambrose notices a nameless security stooge being accosted by Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Rusev as he tries to guard the Money In The Bank briefcase. It is unclear why he is carrying this around at a live event, however it is evident that the contents of the case is much sought after.

Wily Ambrose manages to steal the briefcase away shortly before tossing it to Sasha Banks who is being assaulted by Charlotte Flair. Banks thwarts her assailant amidst cheesy one liners before we are thrust into a flashback of Ambrose's first encounter with the car named Shelly. 

With Shelly's alternator shot, Ambrose spies non other than Brock Lesnar's monster truck parked close by. As Dean attempts to requisition a new alternator from Lesnar's drive, Heyman and The Beast exit the arena and catch Deano in the act. A brawl ensues that sees Lesnar take an axe to Shelly whilst suplexing Ambrose all over her. Seeing his first love being demolished our hero stands up and KO's Lesnar with the alternator he has in hand. 

WWE Comics 5 Brock Lesnar.gif

Dean makes a quick getaway only for Shelly to break down 20 minutes later. Looming headlights suggest that Lesnar in hot pursuit, however it turns out to be Sasha Banks, who picks up Ambrose and the two drive off together. 

Bonus Story - The New Days Optimistic Odyssey

Following on from Part 3 of The New Day's wacky adventure; our heroes enter a best of three series with a trio of bipedal Unicorns. 

Xavier Woods and Big E lose their respective bouts; Woods eats his own finisher whilst Big E is defeated whilst playing with action figures. The New Day's last hope lies with Kofi Kingston who will define the groups fate in the next and final part of the series. 


Published by Boom Studios!

Written by Dennis Hopeless

Illustrated by Serg Acuña 

Colored by Doug Garbark

Lettered by Jim Campbell