Undertaker featured in unannounced non-2K video game

On this week's "Dinner With The King" podcast, the King lets slip that a new WWE video game is in production. This game, according to Lawler, is not part of the 2K franchise and is an entirely new game.

On this week's episode, he responded to rumours that The Undertaker was backstage during the SummerSlam event, despite the fact he did not feature during the show: “He may have been there because they were doing scans for a new game. Everybody that was on the show that night, myself included, had to be scanned. This company, it’s not the 2K people, it’s a different game that’s gonna be coming out next year."

Legends of WrestleMania, Xbox 360/PS3 (2009)

Legends of WrestleMania, Xbox 360/PS3 (2009)

When performers are scanned for a game, it usually suggests that high resolution assets are required, so it is reasonably safe to assume this is not a mobile title and could be for current generation consoles, or PC.

As Lawler and The Undertaker were scanned, perhaps we can expect to see some more legends in the game, mixing it up with current Superstars, like Legends of WrestleMania? We'll be keeping our ears to the ground...